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Planet of Sound Monday 23:00
Ben O'Callaghan Every Monday night the Planet Of Sound brings you an hour of great music and chat. Hosted by Ben O'Callaghan at 11pm each week, there are often guests dropping in to share their own musical wisdom.

Planet of Sound


Monday _ 23:00

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Tracklist _ 2016-07-25

23:01   Led Zeppelin - Kashmir   [Swan Song Records]  
23:09   Q.O.T.S.A. - A Song For The Dead   [Interscope]  
23:18   The Beatles - Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds   [Apple]
23:25   Tame Impala - Nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control   [Modular]  
23:31   Kaiser Chiefs - You can have it all   [B-Unique]
23:39   Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks   [Warp]
23:43   Melody's Echo Chamber - IsThatWhatYouSaid   [Weird World]
23:46   LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great   [EMI]  
23:51   Regina Spektor - Jessica   [Sire Records]  
23:53   Maija Sofia - Dreamscape  
23:54   My Fellow Sponges - Chill the Beans  
23:56   Fionn Regan - Golden Light   [Heavenly]
23:58   Hedfuzy - Sing