The Friday Findings
The Friday Findings Friday 16:00
Matthew Brown & Guests Welcome to The Friday Findings! Every week, from 4-5 pm, Host Matthew Brown and an invited guest will discuss unknown artists and bands, and why you might like to listen to them! Every week will have someone new, with new music to discover! Listen in, and you might just find your next music obsession...

The Friday Findings


Friday _ 16:00

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Tracklist _ 2017-03-24

16:00   Dermot Kennedy - After Rain
16:10   Dermot Kennedy - A closeness
16:20   Dermot Kennedy - Young and Beautiful (Cover)
16:30   Dermot Kennedy - Thinking Out Loud (Cover)
16:40   Dermot Kennedy - Lost In The Sun
16:50   Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear
16:55   Dermot Kennedy - All My Friends